British are afraid of an apocalypse coming in the UK: extreme cool weather, increasing water levels, meteor showers

38% of Britons live in fear. The weather could cool down a lot and we can see an apocalyptic scenario coming soon.

English Apocalypse

A report issued by the UK TV stations underlines that one in five Britons live in fear of losing their life because of a natural disaster. UK Natural Disaster Report compiled from data collected in a survey of 2,000 people and concluded that the most feared natural disaster is the flood.

English Apocalypse 2

Extreme cold ranks second in the top of most feared natural disasters, followed by the earthquakes. Bruce Malamud, professor at King’s College London analyzed the collected data and ascertained that a natural phenomenon like a volcanic eruption (like the one in 2010 in Iceland) are taken in consideration as well as infectious diseases that could spread quickly.

In order to create a graphical representation of British concerns, the study contains a few representative images (computer simulations). Among the scariest ones we can find the Thames river flooding the Parliament, Trafalgar Square covered in snow banksand a violent meteor shower that hit London’s financial area.

Image source: Fotolia, BikeWorldTravel

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